WiiPA provides a powerful and flexible system for manual inspections of complex components.
WiiPA puts quality control at your fingertips


Fast inspection

- Easy Set-up and Calibration
- SONIA Phased Array electronics
- Motion Capture for Accurate Probe tracking

User friendly

- Pre-configuration of the Complete Process
- Absolute freedom of movement in 3D
- Scanning works like using a paintbrush (touching up of uncovered spots “on the go”)
- Realtime visualization of the complete C-scan through Augmented Reality


- No mechanical encoders
- No limit to cell size or complex part geometry
- Multi-probe system
- Fixed installation or portable system
- Available for other NDT methods

Complete reporting

- Traceable C-scan register
- Full compliance with industry standards
- Connection to factory MES

WiiPA will help you to Create...


  • Semi-permanent installation
  • No Civil Works required
  • Overhead structure, efficient use of floor space
  • Scalable to any size. Ideal as a back-up for other systems


  • Easy set-up and fast camera calibration
  • Transportable inside factory and as check-in luggage
  • Ideal for spot scans during assembly or for on-site inspections

How does It work?

WiiPA is a wireless integrated semi-automatic inspection system, based on 3D motion capture by Infrared cameras that accurately track and register the position of the NDT probe in real time.
The system is especially suited for Pulse-Echo Phased Array Inspections.The WiiPA system is Tecnatom’s versatile solution for systems that need to cover a wide range of flat, curved and complex contoured parts. WiiPA is fast and easy to use: an excellent solution for inspections that require a traceable C-scan record.