TAURUS provides a productive and flexible system for automated inspections during manufacturing.
TAURUS does it all.



- SONIA UT electronics platform
- Robust Industrial Components
- More than 40 references in 16 countries
- World-wide support network


- Integrated software suite for the complete process
- Seamless compatibility of all components
- Tecnatom propietary UT system
- Connection to factory MES and databases


- Wide range of inspection tools for all types of inspections
- Standard tool interface provides easy future upgrades
- Auxiliar axes (linear axes, turntable, rollers, etc)
- Scalable solution to any part for any inspection
- Supported by Continuous innovations

Multiple NDT Methods

- Water jet, Local Immersion, Total Immersion and Air-Coupled UT
- Eddy Current
- Shearography
- Thermography
- Laser scanning metrology
- Structured Light scanning
- Digital X-ray

How does It work?

For manufacturers that need to perform quality inspections on their complex composite or metallic parts, reliably and at high production rates, Taurus is the answer.
Taurus is the leading automated NDT system using industrial robot manipulators. Thanks to its modular set-up, Taurus systems are used around the world for all types of materials and part geometries, using a wide range of inspection methods.