BACUS provides a powerful and flexible system for automated immersion inspection of metallic and composite components.
A scalable system that can be dimensioned to any part, just add water



-High-performance TECNATOM SONIA UT electronics
-Phased Array and Multichannel inspection.
-Powerful TECNATOM software evaluation tools.
-Low Maintenance.
-Remote and local support.


-Integrated TECNATOM software suite for the complete inspection process.
-Seamless compatibility of all components.
-Connection to factory MES and databases.


-Wide variety of inspected components such as engine disks, turbine shafts, stiffeners, plates, billets, composites or bearings.
-Up to 8 automated axis: 3 linear, 3 for manipulator, and 2 for component rotation (turntable or rollers).
-2.5D & 3D inspection with CAD file import feature Ample range of frequencies including HF.
-Design customizable to customer specification.


-High quality industrial components of renowned suppliers.
-Heavy-duty proven system.
-TECNATOM proprietary technology.
-High mechanical repeatability.
-More than 20 references worldwide.

How does It work?

BACUS is an automated tank for the immersion inspection of a wide variety of aerospace and industrial components. It consists of a tank and gantry with a manipulator and optional component turntable or rotators (up to 8 automated axes configurable). Scan routines can range from simple 2D to 3D complex trajectories.

BACUS is suited for both through transmission and pulse-echo techniques with conventional or phased array electronics. Based on TECNATOM proprietary technology it enables a seamless and efficient inspection process. In short, BACUS means productive and reliable immersion inspections.