Tecnatom NDT Systems
Flexible and productive systems make sure you meet your production rates and quality requirements.

Experience, flexibilty and support come together to provide innovative and robust integrated solutions. Tecnatom NDT systems bring quality to your operations.

Take advantage of the most advanced and reliable NDT systems to support your production or maintenance process, maximizing business results.


The manual NDT platform that combines the power of SONIA Phased Array UT with the flexibility of motion capture technology for probe tracking. WiiPA is ideal for any type of flat, curved or otherwise complex part that requires a traceable scan record. WiiPA puts quality control at your fingertips.


The world-leading NDT system using industrial robot arms. The most productive and flexible solution for inspection in composite or metal parts manufacturing. With its versatility of inspection methods, its modular design, its standardized tool interface and ease of upgrade, it´s a safe choice for investment in quality. Taurus does it all.


High performance total immersion system for the inspection of bars, billets or plates. The Bacus family relies on the power and versatility of the SONIA UT platform. Albeit multi-zone inspections, high frequency UT or any other type of demanding inspection, there is a Bacus solution.


When you need an inspection system that runs at the speed of your production line, the Tecnatom inline systems provide a full-body solution for various types of Phased Array UT, Eddy current or Laser scanning inspections.

Innovative and Reliable Systems for Non Destructive Testing

- Innovative, state of the art systems
- Robust industrial components
- Tecnatom Phased array Technology
- Excellent global customer support

- Customizable modular designs
- Multifunctional systems
- Easy calibration and set-up
- Supported by continuous innovations

- One interface suite for all process steps
- Seamless operation
- MES connection IIOT
- Remote monitoring and/or control




Automated NDT robot system


High-End Immersion systems


Wireless Manual system


In line bars or tube inspection systems




Monitoring the industrial production

Tiempo de lectura: 4 minutos How do you know that quality control really works? That’s a good question. Everybody -or every process- needs to be supervised to be consistent and reliable. For that reason, any industrial process needs to be monitored continuously to work properly. Although at first glance it may appear superfluous, it is actually quite logical, necessary and […]

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other news

Tiempo de lectura: 2 minutos Tecnatom has extended the capacities of the TAURUS inspecion system supplied to the Belgian firm SONACA, integrating a thermography system developed by the client in a simple and flexible manner and with minimum impact. Infrared thermography is a contact-free non-destructive testing technique that determines the temperature of the surface of a body by picking up […]